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Rehab clinic specializing in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, depression and psychological disorders.
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Rehab Center for the Treatment of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Drug Addiction

Drugs can ruin a life and devastate the entire family, with no distinction from age, gender or social class.


Depression is one of the most common mental disorders which affects more than 350 million of individuals around the world.


Alcohol abuse causes a never ending string of illnesses and physical, physiological and relationship problems.

Anorexia & Bulimia

Eating disorders affect millions of people around the world, specially adolescent women.

Areas Exclusive for Women

At Reencuentro Clinic we know that women deserve special treatment, that is why we have exclusive areas for women so they can be comfortable and have a speedy recovery.
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Reencuentro Clinic is your best option

Reencuentro clinic one of the leading and most prominent rehabilitation centers in Tijuana, Mexico. This is due to our having developed a proven holistic program against adictions and psychological disorders, with excellent results and a high level of success.

Our Approach

We understand that addiction within the family is something that can completely destroy it, for that reason it is important to identify the problem and seek help. Reencuentro clinic knows that to achieve a successful recovery, it is important not only to cater to the addicted person, but the whole family, as every member of it has the power to help the addict to rediscover the serenity and health which they had before falling into drugs or other addictions.

Our Values

Love, Service, Compassion, Honesty, Professionalism, Respect, Responsibility, Loyalty, Trust, Hope, Faith, meet the resident and their family, Ethics, Consistency, Friendship, Dignity, and Acceptance.

Our Mission

Provide professional services of high quality care for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of addictions by changing lifestyle and identity in a context of community interaction.

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