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Our Institution

In January 2010 Reencuentro Clinic was created. Arises from a group or persons who observe the necessity of generating highest quality spaces for prevention, treatment and professional rehabilitation for persons and families who suffer from addiction disease.

Considering also the complexity this disease has been presenting and developing, we find the need to propose a context and a method of treatment in accordance to the complex evolution of the illness and responding to the current human, social and community needs.

Sustained on the highest value which is the love for the neighbor and for life, and a vocation for service, Reencuentro Clinic offers a professional attention service which seeks to restore health to the person who suffers this disease as well as supporting him or her for their reintegration into family, society and work.

Reencuentro Clinic considers that once the disease is treated, the person who suffers it needs to modify his lifestyle as well as revising and changing his personal identity (*personal identity puede entenderse como “identificación personal”, propongo personalidad = personality), which is the responsible, from our perspective, of living in addiction.

Our institution is based in a mixed treatment model, that is to say, we intervene through a professional team conformed by experienced medical doctors specialized in addictions, phycologists, psychotherapists, family therapists, as well as stimulation and development of mutual help in the context of communal interaction

Based in the understanding of human as a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual being, Reencuentro Clinic emphasizes the pursuit of life meaning and the leading of values for the maintenance of sobriety and health in general.