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Therapeutic Community

This kind of addiction treatments uses the community environment between those who are recovering along with the treatment staff, in which they mutually influence each other to improve attitudes, behaviors and perceptions that get altered by drug abuse. This concept really rehabilitates patients, as it reestablishes the correct performance of abilities and values with which physical and psychological stability can be recovered.

A very important point therapeutic communities exalt is “self-help” of the patient himself, as they are the main authors in their recovery; although it also exists the “mutual self-help”, in which the person acquires partial responsibility in the recovery of his partners, which also helps his own healing.

Researches by the NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse, USA) prove that those who successfully complete the therapeutic community treatment have lower levels of cocaine, heroin and alcohol consumption, as well as lower levels of criminal behavior, unemployment and depression indicators that before treatment.
For its effectiveness and proved results, therapeutic community is one of our main programs in Reencuentro Clinic.