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Codependency is a disease developed in a person due to lack of identity. Their compulsive behavior and excessive dependence makes them turn to others for security, self-esteem and worth… the codependent person needs to feel he or she is under control or has control over another person.

Many patients with this disease come from families where members have dependent behaviors, physical and psychological abuse, so those emotional deprivations are unconsciously sought in other people.

Symptoms to recognize codependency vary in intensity, but in general are:

– Atypical levels of self-esteem; they feel far superior or far below than others.

– Diffuse limits on their own and others responsibilities.

– They have a lack of own identity, they don’t know who they are or don’t like themselves.

– Overreaction to external stimulation, the can minimize or exaggerate too much.

– Do not serve their adult needs; they look for someone to cover them.

– They feel responsible for other’s actions; for their thoughts, actions, decisions, etc.

– Repression; fear of being as they really are.

– Obsession control over what others do or say.

– Denial of problems by doing other activities such as excessive gambling, eating, etc.

Living with this disease is something terrible, as the person is immersed in a reality where he or she can’t be at peace with themselves; resort to deceit, lies, blackmail, bribery, anything so that their “illusion” of control is constant and fills that gap where self-control, love and self-confidence should be. Nobody can provide us happiness but ourselves, that void is filled with ourselves, we must cultivate self-love and reencounter with our true self; in Reencuentro Clinic we can help you.