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One of the most frequent derangements that affects more than 350 million people in the whole world is depression. In our daily life may be ups and downs in our emotions and moods, this is normal and to be able to experience and overcome difficulties to strengthen ourselves is even healthy, but some people sink into a prolonged discouragement and discontinue all their activities and labor or familiar relations, and they can even reach suicide.

Depression is classified by degrees, depending on the frequency and intensity of the following symptoms, they may be mild, moderate or severe:

– Loss of interest and ability to enjoy

– Lack of energy, fatigue

– Anxiety

– Disturbed sleep and appetite

– Low self-esteem

– Feelings of guilt, hopelessness and helplessness

– Decreased concentration

– Repetitive thoughts of death or suicide

This disease can be triggered by lots of situations, from the loss of a loved one to uncertainty in the future, or simply by genetic conditions. It is important to emphasize that persons can suffer other physical or psychological ailments, which turns depression deeper and more dangerous, as bipolarity, or high risk factors such as substance abuse.

There are very effective treatments for depression, but most persons don’t receive support in the appropriate way, as they are not properly diagnosed or the person is afraid of a proper diagnosis because of the stigmatization of mental disorders in society. We must prevent this disease from developing and seizing our ability to be happy, in Reencuentro Clinic, we can help you.