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Pathological Gambling

Pathological gambling is an addiction without drugs or substances, let’s remember that any “normal” activity as eating, playing, having fun, may become “abnormal” depending on the amount of time, frequency and invested money in addition to the possible adverse effects on relationships with family, friends and even in the professional area.

These kind of addictions can often be developed by learned behaviors, which are sought again and again as these are activities that may be enjoyable. In other cases this addiction masks inadequate coping of personal problems such as anxiety or sadness. It is easy to access gambling as casinos, bingo, lotteries, betting, and this turns gambling an increasingly serious and growing problem, which affects specially youth and psychologically vulnerable persons. Sometimes gambling is accompanied by other pathologies (from 15% to 20%), such as alcohol abuse and the usage of other drugs. It is more probable that pathologic gambling diseases occurs in men than in women, the latter usually become addicted to gambling when trying to evade personal problems as depression and loneliness, and males because of excitement and earning money. In Reencuentro Clinic we are conscious of this problematic, and we are ready to support you for reestablishing that lost balance.