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Our Philosophy

In Reencuentro Clinic, we believe that diseased persons and families deserve to have a fulfilled and pacific life again, whereby we commit to both the patient and the family, for them to reencounter the emotional stability they lost. Emphasizing the attainment of life meaning and values development with love, amor, compassion, honesty, respect, responsibility, loyalty, confidence, hope, faith, congruence, friendship, dignity and acceptance.

A person who suffers from addiction disease deserves the chance to be a dignified and reliable person again.

Specialization in relapse treatments

We are specialized in the treatment of those who suffer chronical relapses with drugs and alcohol, which are dually diagnosed. By this we refer to those who do not seem to stay clean and sober long enough to really get assistance. These persons usually have a coexistent psychiatric disorder as bipolarity, anxiety, panic disorder and depression, and if these are not treated in time, the ability to deal with the realities of daily life gradually decreases, and increases the chance that they look after an escape way through the euphoric effects of alcohol and drugs.

Therefore our program is based on long-term solutions.

We recognize the importance of treating and not “institutionalizing” our patients. They live in a real and supervised environment; they learn to cope with daily realities, which we consider an important factor that promotes their long-term success.


Philosophy of the best recovery.

One of the axis Reencuentro Clinic highly emphasizes, is to have an appropriate environment. We believe that is a central regard in the process, therefore we lead the same guideline in our Clinics: ample spaces in contact with nature, spacious gardens. The places where our patients spend their time are open and pleasant spaces, where recovery concept can be managed within the concept of liberty.

We are against closed spaces where patients stay in a prison-like situation with high fences which impede them to look outward, we must remember that they are ill persons and they deserve a dignified and respectful treatment, with all the professional assistance this implies. Nevertheless we are aware of the necessity of surveillance they require, so we have the best in security systems, both in technology and in human capital, offering the family the peace of mind that their relative will be under excellent care, protecting its security and integrity, admiring the beauty of nature and wonderful sea views, which bring as result that patients feel more comfortable and quiet; in response we get more cooperation in their treatment since when people feel relaxed the opportunity to work better with them is enhanced.