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Halfway Housing

Halfway Housing is the last stage of treatment, also called phase 2. Is the bridge between the stay in the clinic, in this stage our patients go through the process of learning and experiencing more changes, and acquire knowledge about their disease, as well as knowledge for moving forward. After this stage, when the process in Reencuetro Clinic has reached its end, the real battle begins, by dealing with all the fears of facing again the real life. Even when they have new tools is a very difficult process.

Considering this, Reencuentro Clinic offers their patients the option to go through this process in the best way by making a gradual change, where patients are guided for returning to normal life activities in a supervised way, where reincorporation can occur in a safest way.

During this process patients begin to interact with the real world. Finding themselves suddenly in their previous environment after an internment is a hard step. Is to face themselves and their fears again, to face the same things they left in the exterior, bad companies that frequented them, same places, etc. Even though now they are aware and know why they reached that point, is far better when this process is guided surveilled by a specialist who can keep abreast about all doubts and fears, to solving them in the moment they appear.

Thus, each day they will be feeling more confident in their newly learned knowledge and reaching the reliability they need day by day until the moment of incorporating completely to society.