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The most frequently asked questions that arrive to our mind are:

1.- Should we intern our relative against his/her will?

This is the big question that always goes through our minds. When we are in a crisis situation several conflicting opinions exist. Someone thinks it won’t be useful. Other one says that if it is not voluntary is useless. The truth is that our relatives rarely accept they need help, this is usually when they are in a situation of loss, regarding family, economics, etc.

Y será por ganancias que deciden internarse (significado ambiguo, posiblemente: And it will be due to gains that they decide to get interned into the clinic), experience has shown us this happens 10% of situations.

The decision of the ingress of a familiar into a clinic is a life decision. It is our duty to raise the awareness they have lost due to drug consumption. A timely decision is the difference between success and failure in treatment. Even when it is against their will, the consciousness will be regained as their body gets detoxified, and their mind works free from substances.

2.- What happens when they get out? Will they hate us forever?

As the process advances, the mind of our relative is becoming clear. Even they don’t accept it from one day to another, the work of the therapist is to help them to understand the reasons that brought them to the clinic, as well as the risk to their lives and their mental faculties by keeping active in consumption.

Therefore, we should not fear. Finally they will understand that the decision was for their own good. What we must keep in mind is what will happen if we allow them to move forward in consumption. It is very sad to see cases of young people where we cannot do much for them because of the permanent damage that drugs have left in them, or the many cases we see where the lives of young people end due to not stopping the substance use in time. Whichever the name of the drug is, all of them have the same path and cause the same end.

How to find the appropriate clinic?

The topic of addictions is so deep, and there are so many websites talking about the advantages each offers, sometimes bombing us with terminologies that, for a family in crisis, with a shattered life and only looking for help, is complex and confuse.

Unfortunately here is where there are unscrupulous people who take advantage, places that advertise themselves as something they are not, providing facilities and professional services that they really don’t have, only causing to further aggravate the situation of the patients if they don’t receive adequate professional treatment.

Let’s remember that the basis for a good recovery is undoubtedly a professional team, which is well comprised in all areas. This problem must be attended from a good detox process, conducted within the corresponding protocols for each substance.

After, we need an excellent diagnostic to perform an appropriate treatment for each patient, remembering that every person is an individual, they all have the common characteristic of addiction, but each case is different. Although there are similarities, each specific case is and will be different and it must be treated in that sense.

This is one of the main statutes by which we abide, being our golden rule. In complete harmony the medical, psychological and psychiatric team, we work for the recovery in a joined way, with the only objective of regaining a better future for our patients, integrating them, besides their individual treatment, to a perfectly designed structure where we manage to rescue the parts of their personalities and restructure, on a par with psychological work, the behavioral part modified by consumption.

Are facilities important?

In Reencuentro Clinic we know about the importance good facilities have, not because our patients come on vacation time to enjoy, but because of the psychological impact that being in a little place has, where persons have reduced spaces, where they have to share a small place and the conditions are not the best.

Hence we defend and firmly believe in a rehabilitation within the concept of freedom. Our clinics have the same model. Very large places, enormous gardens, sports fields (canchas), swimming pools, a special arena for equine therapy where patients are protected when practicing. Beautiful sea views, so they can feel more relaxed and report to work in better conditions without feeling confined, nor guarded by large walls. We must remember that they are patients, not criminals, and as such they should be treated and cared.

For this reason, and without forgetting they are patients that require a lot of care, since most of them are driven by their impulses to constantly think about leaving without finishing treatment, in Reencuentro Clinic we have invested in sophisticated security systems, both in technology and in human resources support. We want to protect the integrity of our patients without them f in prison and can keep enjoying the feeling of freedom that breathes within our clinics, but with peace of mind for the families that they will be under safekeeping, as their treatment ends.

We always invite you to visit our facilities before taking a hasty decision that will have repercussions for your loved one. The doors of Reencuentro Clinic will always be open for you. Feel free to visit the place and its staff when you wish or need it. Just do it. Certainly you will not regret, we have the best facilities and prices.


The last question we always do is: How are we going to translate him?

In Reencuentro Clinic we have designed a strategy to help relatives in this hard process, accomplishing the transfer in the best way in the hands of qualified personnel who will take over from the moment we arrived for him, until he arrives the medical area.