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In Reencuentro Clinic ingress women and men who are offered a treatment program structured in phases and stages within the context of Therapeutic Community and the biomedical model. The treatment has a minimum length of three months, however, and according to the individual process and the fulfillment of the objectives, may be more or less the time spent in treatment. The resident passes through three stages with their respective phases.

In the first stage, INGRESS, the resident will accomplish the following objectives:

  • Promoting the adaptation to the program through the dynamics of the Therapeutic Community
  • Motivating the participation in the several therapeutic groups.
  • Determinate the individual al family condition of the user to carry over the treatment.

The PROGRESS stage constitutes the second one, where the objectives are:

  • Introjecting rules and principles of the Therapeutic Community.
  • Designing and beginning the execution of the treatment plan.
  • Deepen into the self-knowledge process from the Autobiography and the participation in individual and group therapeutic activities.

Ultimately, the third stage called EXIT and DETACHMENT, has the following objectives:

  • Executing a gradual detachment plan according to the needs and real possibilities of the user in his social and family support network.
  • Accompanying the realization and implementation of the life project.
  • Monitoring and accompanying in the strengthening of protection factors and the way new risk factors are faced.
  • Promoting the separation of the user from the therapeutic community.
  • Strengthening social and family integration.
  • Closing the process of the user through the Detachment Ritual.

The model of addiction disease implies there is something wrong with a person who can get healed. Researches has demonstrated that there are alcoholic biochemistries that make a person predisposed for addiction. We consider addiction as a disease that causes unbalance and lack of harmony in the life of a human being. We also believe that symptoms are physical conditions, emotional psycho-groups that can be treated and/or managed, and reduce their impact drastically. While we recognize that there can be predispositions to addiction, we focus in the identification and treatment of these concrete spheres of disease and work, helping the patient to reestablish balance both internal and external. We do this through the more progressive modalities available. Furthermore, our professional team has training and experience to deeply address any emotional problem, childhood traumas and many other significant issues that are fundamental to succeed in recovery. Also our program includes the following services:

  • Individual counseling assessment and family therapy.
  • 24 h surveillance.
  • Addiction education
  • Life skills training
  • Transporte a citas necesarias.
  • Evaluation and administration of psychiatric medicaments
  • Exercise programs, yoga, gym.
  • Acupuncture and massage therapy (stress reduction) 1h per week.
  • 12-step meetings.
  • We offer a faith program for those who may be interested.
  • External assessment when they egress at no cost.