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Equine therapy

It is an innovative therapy that uses the horse as a therapeutic instrument, since the horse represents an inexhaustible source of stimulation that helps to improve self-confidence, raise self-esteem, and promote relaxation, so necessary in the process of addiction’s recovery.

Horses are balanced animals, and are, among the domesticated animals, some of those who have retained a strong part of its original wilderness.

These animals are not willing to please humans, so they have a strong personality, and are very independent. It’s imposing size, its immense strength and keen intuition require to approach them with respect, surveillance and lots of sensitivity.

One must be attentive to them, and it is very important to be aware at every moment, allowing to express the deepest feelings and verbalize them, once established a good relationship with the horse, the interactions will be more stimulant and liberating.

So interacting with the horse is quite an experience and a powerful tool to begin a personal development. Animals smell our rages, our fear, our joy, etc. to stablish a trust relationship with the animal, we must base our interrelatedness with them in honesty, mutual respect and compassion, if we don’t they will respond.

Our goal is to help patients to go further where conventional therapies don’t work, we have seen equine therapy as a path, not only to bring the problems to light and solve them but also to achieve a better performance in their lives.


It subserves the following areas:

  • Emotional

  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Social

  • Strenghtens the muscles

  • Improves balance

  • Regenerates gross and fine motor coordination

  • Increases self-esteem and confidence

  • Reduces stress

  • Provides self-control

  • Helps family integration

The equine therapy explores areas where few have been introduced, to destroy the barrier of fear and defense is a big challenge, so the healing process begins in a natural part of life.

We have worked with people who were considered with no hope of recovery, these have lead us to grow and trust, welcoming the challenge, being guided towards the horse, animals that have always been part of our personal lives.

We learned to understand ourselves through them, we have brought this experience for our patients, recognizing the healing process that occurs between the horse and the person, discovering that through this unconventional means of communication develops a life connection in its most basic form.

By working with horses we initiate our patients in the hidden world or animal energy and instinct, providing them in this way natural and secure means for learning.

From the interaction among the therapist, the horse and the patient; body, mind and soul are lead to wholeness through training and disciplined game with horses, patients learn to free their energies and apply them in a more responsible way in their lives, in fact they are taking responsibility for their own healing.

We are convinced about the healing properties inherent to our interactions with these animals. The nature of psychological and spiritual impact that horses had on patients gives us the way to help restoring the person’s emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Becoming the horse a practical vehicle for developing self-awareness as a tool to bring attention to buried or offside feelings.

Thereby horses have that immense holistic healing power that can lead to experiment the patient the most instinctive side of them, both physical and psychological. Horses are mighty guidance leaders and in certain ways messengers that can teach us who we are and which way to go, they appear as mirrors that reflect completely who we are, both in light and in darkness.

Over the practice with diagnosed patients, as psychotics for instance, we found that expression of feelings/emotions in these patients was extremely opposite to the psychopathic personalities’. They are likely to be overwhelmed by feelings and feel over guarded, incapable to face their pain, they appeal to fantasy and hallucinations to be able to regulate the overload of feelings, they don’t possess the basis for reality to understand and organize their internal process.

Both psychotics and psychopaths bear a basic feature, a gap of consciousness on their internal process and behavior. Understanding the characteristics typical of these two groups is important because they represent the two extremes of a continuum in which most people are.

We have the opportunity of working with patients that have not responded to different kinds of conventional therapies who have found in this model the opportunity of helping to heal themselves and finding their life meaning.

We have implemented a number of programs for various groups depending on age, young people who have committed crimes, substance abusers, people who are depressed, as well as for those who are seeking to increase their spirituality and consciousness.

Today we offer individualized programs for anyone who is seeking enrichment and a more meaningful life, being particularly effective for those persons who suffer from stress, being the equine therapy the basis of all these programs.