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Horticultural Therapy

This therapy uses gardening for recovering patients with some disability, elder people and, in the case of our center, patients who suffer from addictions and depression; this activity restores their self-confidence and they develop their abilities.

There are several benefits in this therapy:

– They improve strengthen and resistance, as they can recover their physical mobility capability, lost in the inactivity of addiction.

– Social abilities are developed, they establish friendships.

– By accomplishing their objectives along with other persons, the ill person learns to work in team and realizes his participation is very important, increasing his self-esteem.

– Numeracy and reading exercised, as well as benefiting from sensory stimulation, such as colors, smells and touch.

– With this activity the patient is in a comfortable and perceptive environment; he gets relaxed, meditates, enjoys the moment and is more likely to work for his rehabilitation.

– Activities with patients are planned individually or in groups, in tasks such as cutting, weeding, seeding and use of irrigation equipment, pruning, digging, etc. It allows them responsibilities and projects.


In Reencuentro Clinic we venture into alternative grounds for our patients to have all the necessary tools for their proper recovery.