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Adolescence is a crucial phase in human development, is when behavioral patterns stubbornly repeated in adulthood are acquired. It is also a phase when our body starts to develop both physically and psychologically. Changes are ordered from the brain starting from 10-12 years, and continue until 19. It is crucial to know that during that time, our brain is still developing, and the risk of acquiring an addiction and become severely damaged (both physical and psychologically) is much higher.

This is a stage with lots of changes, hence the need to be ever vigilant to possible problems related to new experiences, since when they are knowing and realizing the possibilities of the world, they will be curious to experiment, so parents have the responsibility to guide and inform them about the possible consequences that bad decisions can bring.

Addictions in early ages are triggered by several reasons, as willing to belong to a certain social group, linked to the search for identity. Lack of self-esteem (common at this age), family problems, and lack of social skills or personal problems can also be triggers.

The risks and damages from substance abuse vary depending on addiction, as a physical addiction to these drugs may occur, and if action is not taken in time, this situation can be terrible for the proper and healthy development of their body and mind.

Choosing a suitable treatment is extremely important as it’s the basis for their recovery and will determine the life quality they accomplish in the future, for this reason, in Reencuentro Clinic we are specialized in treatments for young people in all kind of issues related to addictions, as well as personality disorders, eating disorders, gambling addiction, and ungovernability. Aware of these problems, we have therapists who are properly trained to understand and treat teenagers.