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Alcohol intake is socially accepted worldwide, is normally considered as a social, cultural and gastronomic act; even its chronical and constant abuse has been overly allowed, especially when it’s related to amusement and parties. Media irresponsibly encourages alcohol consumption globally, even presenting its use as something “beneficial”, when it’s obvious that the development of alcoholism in societies has reached pandemic levels.

Alcohol abuse is associated to endless ailments and problematic issues, both physical and psychological and regarding to interpersonal relationships as well.

– Fatal traffic accidents, or with severe physical and legal consequences.

– Family problems related to trust and coexistence, which often leads to violence and disintegration.

– Heritage and financial stability loss.

– Depression and anxiety.

– Diseases caused by alcohol abuse as gastritis, cardiac arrhythmias, liver cirrhosis, etc.

– Damage to multiple organs and body systems such as the esophagus, stomach, intestines, pancreas, cardiovascular system, blood pressure and nervous system.

– Deaths from alcohol poisoning.

In many cases alcoholism is accompanied by some severe psychiatric pathology, with which the patient manifests more psychosocial problems, generating relapses and even suicide. Besides it is often related to abuse or dependence to other substances as cocaine, opiates, etc. This is called dual pathology.

Fortunately we have developed an effective treatment program through which is possible to control this illness and recover not only the physical wellbeing, but also the family, employment, self-esteem, the desire to live and dignity of the individual, ensuring their successful reintegration into society.